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Tháng Chín 25, 2018 3:59 chiều

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They include clopidogrel, prasugrel, dipyridamole and ticagrelor.

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Information about Lopid.

Lopid is no longer listed for supply in AustraliaAsk your pharmacistdoctor or health professional for advice.


Heartburn Mild stomach painupset stomachor diarrhea Headache Dizziness Drowsiness Cold symptomssuch as a stuffy nose or sneezing.

Triglycerides are the main form of fat stored in the bodyMany Australiansespecially those carrying too much weight around their waisthave raised triglyceride levelswhich is a bad thing.

Gemfibrozil increases blood levels of repaglinidePrandinin people with diabetesincreasing the likelihood of developing low blood sugarhypoglycemiaThis combination should be avoided.

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20 from the assessment group s analysis of the ischaemic stroke data, the icers could be calculated for people with intolerance to clopidogrel or for whom treatment with clopidogrel is not licensed, such as people who have had a transient ischaemic attack.